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Walkin cooler or Walk in cooler?

We sell all types of walkin coolers and walk in coolers, depending on the customers request. But more important that what its called is how it works. We deal directly with the manufacturers, and only deal in products that have been tested to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Our walk in coolers can be made in almost any size from the size of a broom closet to the size of a football field, all depending on the customers needs.

We work with an array of manufactures and work towards giving our customers the best deals on the market. This means that even when the box needs to be custom made, it still wont break the bank. We have also started dealing in second hand and slightly used boxes. These walk in coolers and freezers are many times fairly new, even barely used and can sometimes be found for only a percentage of what a new box would cost, even though a new box may only be a few months newer.

That is why it is always a great idea to check in, and see what is available, as there are always new and used boxes coming in.


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