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When buying a Walkin cooler or freezer what I should know

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

When it comes to buying a walk in cooler there is always a good list to have handy to ensure that you are receiving the right product to fit your businesses needs.

The top ideas to keep in mind when buying a walkin cooler

Location and size

Where would be the best place for my food storage. Indoor or outdoor

Space is always a factor

Once you’ve decided  how much food do you want to store 2 days worth keeping your inventory fresh or a weeks worth

When you have a larger space it may give you better buying power. Which turns into more profit

Now down to the walkin box

Cost is #1.  But should not always be the main factor. Should I buy new or used

New is new but buying a used box is not bad considering that you may be paying 1/2 of the cost for new

Compressor and efficiency

How we can help

There are people who sell Refrigeration and don’t know anything about the Equipment or the technical end. They just want to generate sales. Just because the box works well now how well will it work when the temp is around 90 def or higher.  Never undersize the compressor or the Evaporator  if you can have it a little larger for the times where the temp is high or you may need to overload the box

You wouldn’t want to have a small car pull a large trailer it may pull the load but for how long till it fails

Using WalkinCooler Warehouse 

We are fully trained techs with over 47 yrs of experience we buy sell and sometimes install your box and can do the installation depending on your location.  you are getting a team of experienced field tested people who have seen and done it all not someone sitting at a desk who couldn’t even figure out how to turn your unit on. We won’t sell you a job just to make a buck if it’s not right we Won’t advice or sell you the Equipment  Our reputation is more important than the sale Even if you purchase from someone else but need that special technical guidance we are here for you just give us a call

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