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Now You Can Buy Second Hand!

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to now purchase second hand freezers in almost any size anywhere in America, from New York to Los Angeles, Washington state to Florida.

What is second hand

These days businesses need to cut costs to stay ahead, then why not lower your start up costs with second hand walk in freezers and coolers. Getting a new cooler or freezer can be a big expense, especially when starting a new project, expanding, or starting a new small business. Second hand coolers and freezers gives you the ability to have a great inspected walk in cooler or freezer, without having to skimp on quality or size. You can get one as small as a closet for an extra project, or as large as a warehouse. As long as it is available, there is great value in these under the radar deals.

What is scratch and dent

Ever manufacturer has their own price point which can make it difficult to afford a new high end piece of restaurant equipment for your new shop. That is why we are able to offer new scratch and dent items at a much lower cost. Sometimes a brand new freezer or refrigerator might be stored in the warehouse, and gets a scratch on the side while in storage. The companies can not sell it as knew, but the product is still top quality. We now offer those items at a much lower discounted price. Working directly with the manufacturers, we are able to get a large array of freezers, coolers, and other kitchen supplies first, which we can then offer to you at lower prices. So make sure to call in often to check out the latest deals. 845-380-9048

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